June 25, 2023

Behind the name: enie.nl to Soly

Groningen – March 6. Just like the earth, everything in our company revolves around the sun. Our ambition to make solar energy possible for everyone is worldwide. It extends beyond national borders and is independent of language. And it was time for our name to become universal as well. That is why, on March 1, we have changed our name from to one international brand name: Soly.

All countries unite

After a lot of work behind the scenes, we are proud to announce our name change. We already operate under this name in Belgium, Germany, and South Africa. Our new name reflects what we have been doing for almost a decade: making solar energy available to everyone. By uniting the Netherlands under the Soly name, we stand even stronger to accomplishing this mission.

The reason for the rebranding

Enie.nl is a typical Dutch brand name because of the ‘dot nl’ and the ‘enie’. It evokes associations with the word energy and is therefore very recognizable in our home market. As we moved into other countries, we noticed that this association soon disappeared. In Belgium, Germany, and South Africa we are therefore active under the name Soly. With growing success. In order to be a recognizable international brand, the time has come to say goodbye to the name enie.nl after almost ten years. A historic moment.

The origin of the new brand name

The idea behind the name ‘Soly’ is based on the English ‘solar energy’, which has a logical reference to ‘Soly’. Besides the word ‘sol’ being Spanish for sun, ‘sol’ is also an international, scientific, astrological and even historical word for sun. A simple but effective name for an energy source that has provided us with energy for millions of years. And we don’t need to make it more complicated.

The symbol for the sun

And then there’s the logo. Again, we wanted to keep it simplistic, but still honor the historic meaning of the sun. The winners of the simple and minimalist portrayal of stories were the Egyptians. They act out their stories by carving words into stone. You can imagine that this was quite time-consuming work. That is why they benefited from telling their story in as few lines as possible. Their solution? Hieroglyphs. Simple symbols with which they could tell great stories as easily as possible.

Why are we talking about the Egyptians?


Because they also figured out what the symbol of the sun should look like. In fact, it was such an important element in their lives that they gave the same symbol to their main god, Rá. The symbol used by the Egyptians for the sun is one of the oldest symbols in the world. Today it is an international symbol found in science, astrology, and even cities. Take a look at a city map. Many streets are built around a central point. You can also find the symbol of the sun around buildings or in parks when you look at it from above. Everything revolves around the sun, once again.

Enie.nl is Soly

Just like with the Egyptians, the earth and the cities, everything at enie.nl revolves around the sun. The smartest, most beautiful and strongest energy source there is. The same sun is the reason for the existence of our company and helps us grow and develop into one of the pioneers in the field of solar energy. And that growth requires a uniform brand name. That is why we continue under one international brand: Soly. For us, it is the end of an era, but also the beginning of a future that is closer than you think: solar energy for everyone. It’s possible.