June 25, 2023

Soly expands to German market

Groningen, 8 March – The Dutch solar energy company Soly (formerly known as enie.nl) is entering the German market. To lead this expansion, founders and directors Patrick and Milan van der Meulen have appointed Alexander Brunst as managing director of Soly Germany.

Germany is a logical step

“The Netherlands is a leader in solar panels in Europe. To be able to answer that question, we as an organization operate smart and fully digitally. If you look at Germany, you see a market that cannot meet the demand for solar panels. The result? Long waiting times, sky-high prices and a lagging growth in solar panels. That does not fit with our mission: to make solar energy possible for everyone. With our modern organization, we will make a difference for the German consumer.

Energy company of the future

“We go further than installing solar panels; we disconnect the consumer from fossil energy. By installing solar panels in combination with a home battery and possibly charging station, we have everything we need to make consumers as self-sufficient as possible. With the Soly Brain app, the customer can then optimize as much as possible himself,” says Patrick van der Meulen. Despite all these possibilities, the company believes that the price remains accessible, explains Patrick: “Due to our fully digital business operations and purchasing volumes, we see that we are 30% cheaper than the top 3 in Germany.

Alexander Brunst

The world of innovative business is familiar territory for Alexander Brunst, the new director of Soly Germany. He has a long track record in Germany with innovative and online companies. For example, he was previously Managing Director of Gorillas Germany, of which he later became Vice President of Sustainability, Public Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility. Alexander Brunst has high expectations: “I am thrilled to be joining a digitally organized company that is accelerating the transition to a cleaner and more sustainable energy future. My passion for both sustainability and entrepreneurship fits in perfectly with Soly’s mission. The first installations have been completed and our installation capacity is growing every week.”

About Soly

Soly was founded in 2013 by brothers Patrick and Milan van der Meulen with the mission to make solar energy available to everyone. Since its foundation, the company has become one of the leaders in the Dutch solar energy market. In 2022, Shell Ventures and pension fund ABP took a minority interest in the company. In addition to the Netherlands, Soly is active in Belgium, South Africa and Germany. Soly is a certified B Corp. An international quality mark for companies that strive for the highest standards in the field of sustainability, financial transparency and social equality.