June 25, 2023

Soly appoints former Gorillas director Anastasia Dellis as country manager for the Netherlands

As of July 1, Anastasia Dellis will join solar energy company Soly as country manager for the Netherlands. It is another step in the development of this fast-growing player in solar panels and home batteries.

Scaling up as added value
Anastasia Dellis is looking forward to working in the renewable energy market because it fits well with her personal values around sustainability and making an impact. In a professional sense, what does she bring to Soly? “First of all, my added value lies in my knowledge of and experience in scaling a business, as I gained at Gorillas. In addition, I am convinced that I can apply certain principles from retail to Soly.”

Challenges Dutch market
“Partly due to strong demand, Soly is growing very fast. I see it as my job to steer this growth in the right direction. Not only in quantity, but also in quality. Patrick and Milan van der Meulen have built an impressive company in a very short time. Soly Netherlands currently represents the largest share within the country mix. My background and skills will ensure that the Netherlands continues to grow in a mature manner,” Dellis said.

First hundred days
For Anastasia Dellis, her first hundred days at Soly will be focused on the team that Soly has put in place and which inspires her greatly. In addition, aside from commercial success, she also wants to continue to excel with Soly regarding customer excellence within the operational and service side of the organization.

Anastasia Dellis has over 16 years of diverse industry experience in retail in South Africa, Germany, and the Netherlands. She was owner-operator of her family’s supermarket business in South Africa at a very young age. She also founded a social enterprise to promote entrepreneurship in disadvantaged communities. In 2020, she joined Gorillas as commercial director. Since August 2022, she served as general manager of Gorillas Netherlands. And as of June this year, she takes up the challenge as Country Manager of Soly Netherlands.

About Soly
Soly (formerly knowns as Enie.nl) was founded in 2013 by brothers Patrick and Milan van der Meulen with the goals to make solar energy accessible to everyone. Since its founding, the company has grown into one of the leaders in the solar energy market. In addition to the Netherlands, Soly operates in Belgium, South Africa and Germany. National newspapers named the company as one of the fastest-growing organizations in the Netherlands. In 2022, Shell Ventures and pension fund ABP took a stake in the company. This allows Soly to grow even faster in the countries where it operates. All with one goal: to effectively seize the opportunities of the climate issue to make solar energy number one.