August 09, 2023

Soly Belgium expands operations to Wallonia

Just a year after Soly’s launch in Flanders, Dutch solar energy company Soly expands its operations in Belgium to Wallonia. As of the 1st of July, the predominantly French-speaking region is also part of Soly's Belgian market development. It is one of the first achievements of Cédric Beeris, who was recently introduced as new Country Manager at Soly Belgium.

Lots of sustainable potential in Wallonia
The solar market in Wallonia is currently characterized as a serious growth market. Recently, the Plan Air Climat Energie (PACE2030) – a well-known energy pact in Wallonia - has been updated. The primary goal: to further increase the roll-out of solar panels. The fact that there’s still a lot of potential in the Wallonian market, is proven by recent figures. In 2022, Wallonia installed a capacity of over 150 MW of solar panels in Wallonia. Where Flanders is actually experiencing a shift to other forms of sustainability, Wallonia is now fully committed to solar panels.

Through the Plan Air Climat Energie (PACE 2030) Wallonia aims, among other things, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55%. Part of that plan is to financially support residents willing to invest in solar panels, and making residential homes, and commercial and government buildings even more energy efficient.

Same proposition
With over a year of experience in Flanders, Soly is looking forward to a more comprehensive proposition, in addition to the current solar panel proposition. For instance, the company is now selling home batteries, separately or in addition to the current system. "Our aim is to make residential households further independent from the energy grid. And at Soly, we think that’s possible by combining solar panels with a home battery," says Cédric Beeris, Country Manager at Soly Belgium. With the further stimulus of the PACE2030 energy plan, the market in Wallonia has favorable conditions to achieve further sustainable growth. This should make the energy transition affordable and attractive to its residents.

Cédric Beeris continues: "Due to our fully digital operations and procurement volumes, we see that – on an average - we are up to 30% cheaper compared to the top three solar companies in Wallonia. Moreover, individuals can rent solar panels from Soly. A low-key investment, because Soly will be installing solar panels for free. Residentials will subsequently only pay a monthly fee for renting the system." As for now, Soly will exclusively target the residential market in Wallonia.

About Soly
Soly was founded in 2013 by brothers Patrick and Milan van der Meulen with the aim of making solar energy available to everyone. Since its inception, the company has become one of the leaders in the Dutch solar energy market. In 2022, Shell Ventures and the pension fund ABP took a minority stake in the company. In addition to the Netherlands, Soly is active in Belgium, South Africa and Germany. Soly is a certified B Corp, an international brand for companies that strive for the highest standards of sustainability, financial transparency and social justice.