September 13, 2023

Contribution to the Energy Transition: Soly and Ostrom Partnership - Pioneering a New Era of Dynamic Tariffs in Germany.

Contribution to the Energy Transition: Soly and Ostrom Partnership - Pioneering a New Era of Dynamic Tariffs in Germany

Effective immediately, solar specialist Soly and green energy provider Ostrom are collaborating to jointly contribute to the energy transition. Ostrom offers dynamic pricing, allowing people to truly benefit from their self-generated solar power. Soly provides high-quality photovoltaic systems and the innovative energy management system, Soly Brain®, which allows for intelligent control of energy consumption.

The collaboration between Soly and Ostrom is an initiative aimed at enabling consumers to optimally capitalize on times of energy surplus from solar installations. In doing so, Soly and Ostrom rely on dynamic pricing, which not only provides financial benefits to consumers but also plays a crucial role in alleviating stresses on the energy grid.

“We are very pleased to have found a strong partner in Ostrom for the introduction of dynamic electricity tariffs in Germany. Together, we now offer our customers the opportunity to save even more while being supplied in an environmentally friendly manner with 100% green electricity.” Dr. Alexander Brunst, Managing Director, Soly Germany


Ostrom as a pioneer in Germany with Dynamic Pricing

From its inception, Ostrom has been unwavering in its commitment to transforming energy consumption practices. Their dynamic pricing tariff SimplyDynamic encapsulates this vision. It has been specifically designed to offer households a real-time control over their energy consumption, in line with global sustainability trends and consumer demands.

"Our alliance with Soly isn't merely a partnership; it's a fusion of aligned visions. Together, we embark on a journey to make every German household a participant in, and benefactor of, a new energy ecosystem focused on the consumer.” Matthias Martensen, Co-Founder & CEO, Ostrom


Joint Vision: Virtual Power Plant

In Germany, a network of homes equipped with solar panels, home batteries, charging stations, and heat pumps is taking shape. This is complemented by solar energy harvested from company infrastructures, including rooftops and innovative solar carports. Looking ahead, the Soly and Ostrom are keen on interlinking and intelligently managing this vast network, playing a pivotal role in actively maintaining equilibrium in the country's energy grid.


Smart Electricity Regulation with Soly Brain

Soly Brain®, through advanced technology working in the background, allows users to derive the best financial benefit from electricity fluctuations.

"For the transition from centrally produced fossil fuels to decentralized solar energy, it is essential to focus on local production, consumption, and storage," says Patrick van der Meulen, Founder & CEO, Soly, adding, "Soly Brain orchestrates this process. With dynamic energy prices and the capability to manage assets we create additional savings to our customers.”