October 26, 2023

Soly appoints Neil Anderson as Country Manager of Soly UK

Soly appoints Neil Anderson as Country Manager of Soly UK

International solar energy company Soly, proudly welcomes Neil Anderson as the newly appointed Country Manager for the United Kingdom. In this dynamic role, Anderson will lead the company's endeavours in the UK, bringing with him a wealth of commercial experience, a laser focus on the company's growing culture and an unwavering commitment to a more sustainable future.

A Shift Towards Purpose and Renewable Energy
After years of working within market leading companies in various sectors worldwide, Anderson is embarking on a profound journey towards a more purpose-driven career. "I think it is a perfect time for me, from a personal level where I am looking for more meaning and purpose, to pivot my career towards sustainable energy," Anderson articulates. His transition into the renewable energy sector underscores a resolute commitment to driving positive change and helping the UK achieve its net zero targets.

A Perfect Blend of Technology and Sustainability
"I think Soly is the perfect blend between a tech and sustainability business," Anderson explains. Drawing from his rich and varied background at some of the world’s most influential and innovating companies, such as Costco, Groupon, JD.COM, and Disney, Anderson has consistently prioritised customer-centricity. It is this unwavering dedication of putting the customer first that also resonated with Soly founder’s Patrick and Milan van der Meulen. Moreover, Anderson’s leadership experience within Ecommerce and Tech bodes well for a seamless digital experience and strong company values instilled by the Dutch entrepreneurs.

Addressing the Challenges in the UK Solar Market
Anderson acknowledges the challenges facing the UK's solar energy landscape, underscored by consistent headlines in the British media. "I think the future of solar energy in the UK is not only about households reducing their environmental impact, but also reducing their energy bills and with it their cost of living" states Anderson. As energy prices fluctuate, an increasing number of households are embracing sustainable energy solutions. In light of this, Anderson concludes, "At Soly, we could not be happier to be an enabler of that change’’.

With Anderson's visionary leadership and strong commitment to sustainability, Soly is poised for a long lasting and impactful journey in the United Kingdom's solar energy sector.