November 28, 2023

Soly starts partnership with OBI

Solar energy accessible to all

Soly starts partnership with OBI 

Düsseldorf, 28.11.2023 - OBI customers can now also buy solar panels in states beyond North Rhine-Westphalia through Soly. Soly, based in Düsseldorf and recognized as one of Germany's leading providers of photovoltaic systems and solar power storage solutions, has entered into a collaboration with OBI, Germany's top DIY store brand. This partnership marks the next significant milestone on Soly's journey toward the ambitious goal of 'solar energy for all’.

Shared visions
"The partnership between OBI and solar specialist Soly is founded on a shared vision to provide customers with innovative solutions. Dr. Alexander Brunst, Managing Director of Soly, expresses his enthusiasm, saying, 'We are delighted to take a step together with OBI towards 'solar energy for everyone.' Through our collaboration, OBI customers can now take control of their energy supply, benefiting from high-quality solar systems that convert sunlight into clean and sustainable energy, complemented by smart and innovative technologies.

As simple as it can be
Customers of OBI interested in a solar system can easily schedule a free consultation through or the heyOBI app. The entire planning process for the solar system takes place in a fully digital consultation with the customer. During this session, an initial, personalized, and non-binding offer is created. The installation of these solar systems is carried out nationwide by local trade partners.

OBI customers can also acquire a solar battery, enabling them to store surplus solar energy for future use, along with a charging station for electric vehicles, through the partnership with Soly. With this purchase, customers gain access to the Soly Brain® digital platform. This intelligent home energy management system seamlessly connects the solar system, the solar battery, and electric vehicle charging station, providing enhanced control over electricity demand. Soly Brain® ensures efficient utilization of solar energy and intelligent management of electricity consumption for customers.

Soly also provides an app that grants customers complete control over their energy system directly from their smartphone. This enables them to monitor solar energy production, check the storage status, and even control the charging station.

About Soly
“Solar energy for all” - One of the leading companies in the European solar energy market
Soly was founded in 2013 by brothers Patrick and Milan van der Meulen with the aim of making solar energy accessible to everyone. Since its foundation, the company has grown into one of the leading companies in the European solar energy market. In 2022, Shell Ventures and the ABP pension fund acquired a minority stake in the company. In addition to Germany, Soly is also active in the Netherlands, Belgium, South Africa and the United Kingdom. Soly is a certified B Corp. This is an international seal of approval for companies that endeavour to meet the highest standards of sustainability, financial transparency and

social justice. Soly Germany, based in Düsseldorf, is headed by Managing Director Dr Alexander Brunst.

About OBI
“Everything is possible” - One of the leading addresses for DIY in Germany and Europe
At OBI, you have the freedom to creatively design your home on your own terms. The extensive range encompasses products and services for do-it-yourself projects, construction, and gardening. OBI prioritizes empowering individuals to bring their home visions to life based on their own ideas, capabilities, and do-it-yourself skills. In addition to traditional in-store retail, OBI places a strong emphasis on digital customer engagement and advisory communication through the heyOBI platform.

OBI currently has more than 640 stores across Europe. In addition to the German domestic market, OBI is also represented in nine other European countries: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Italy, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Slovenia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary. OBI is a company of the Tengelmann Group. Further information in the OBI Newsroom and at