January 29, 2024

Soly and BOVAG Ledenwinkel partnership: collective solar energy benefit

Soly and BOVAG Ledenwinkel partnership: collective solar energy benefit 

Groningen – January 29th 2024 – BOVAG Ledenwinkel joins forces with Soly. As from today, various services in the field of sustainable energy solutions will be offered in collaboration. BOVAG members will receive collective benefits.

'Strategic partnership for a sustainable future' 

Sustainable solutions
More than 9,000 BOVAG members will get access to exclusive collective discounts across three categories: solar carports, solar panels for businesses, and solar panels for private individuals. In addition, each installation will be equipped with Soly's energy control system: the Soly Brain. This will provide real-time insight into energy yields and enable smart control of products to create an additional revenue model for the end user.

Solar energy accessible to everyone
The partnership between BOVAG Ledenwinkel and Soly ties in seamlessly with Soly's strategy. Anastasia Dellis, Country Manager Netherlands at Soly, emphasises the shared ambition for smart sustainability. "We are delighted and proud of our collaboration with BOVAG Ledenwinkel. Soly will ensure that all BOVAG members have a reliable partner at each stage of their energy transition. Our mission at Soly is to make solar energy available to everyone. We will support BOVAG members with the transition to sustainable and affordable energy by offering the sale and lease of solar energy solutions. Our collaboration is more than a partnership; it is a shared vision for a sustainable future."

Reliable partner
Henri van Hout, director of BOVAG Ledenwinkel, emphasises Soly's reliability as a partner in the solar energy industry. "This collaboration will allow us to offer our members a wider range of solar energy solutions. Over the past decade, Soly has proven to be a sound company that is constantly evolving in the field of renewable energy transition. They continue to innovate and develop. We are happy to do our bit to make solar energy accessible to everyone," according to Van Hout.