February 08, 2024

Soly appoints Gijs van Rhijn as Global Head of Finance

Soly appoints Gijs van Rhijn as Global Head of Finance 

Groningen, February 8 2024 - As part of its ongoing professionalization and growth in domestic and foreign markets, Dutch solar energy company Soly has appointed Gijs van Rhijn as Global Head of Finance.

Extensive work experience in finance
Gijs van Rhijn has over 12 years of experience in the world of finance & control. A graduate of Nyenrode, he started in professional services at Ernst & Young and then entered the corporate world at Coolblue. His most recent experience was Global Finance Director at Gorillas and, after the successful exit to Getir, took on the role of Regional Head of Control for Europe & US.

Energy company of the future
Van Rhijn's appointment is in line with Soly's strategy, which focuses on further growth and professionalization. Soly recently raised a capital injection of 30 million euros and is expanding internationally to Italy, Spain, France and Scandinavia. Due to the rapid international expansion, new products and its proprietary software platform, Soly has tripled its revenue in 2023 compared to 2022. Soly is now active in six countries with the sale and rental of solar energy systems, batteries and charging stations. Soly aims to provide over 500.000 households and businesses with renewable energy by 2030. 

Giving Soly further substance as a tech company
"From my previous work experience in companies that are growing rapidly, I recognize Soly's challenges and mentality," Van Rhijn said. "The company is on a great mission and wants to offer its solutions worldwide. I want to contribute to that with my full commitment and enthusiasm. Soly has great potential and I can contribute to that by building a world-class finance team with a strong focus on automation and standardization. That is, building the right structures and ensuring we become a truly data-driven tech company. Especially when expanding internationally, I’ve seen what challenges this brings to a company and what is needed to transform to the next phase. Digitization and data technology will play a major role in this. After all, Soly is a tech company and I want to give substance to that."

Passion for data, technology and wanting to do something good
In his first 100 days, Van Rhijn wants to shape the team he needs to do this and use the results of all the hard work done so far to lay the foundation for the next phase of the finance team within Soly. He is specifically targeting young, driven people with a passion for data and technology who want to do something good in the world.